Mac & Lo Hospitality is a dynamic development and management company, our passion lies in developing creative and innovative hospitality concepts and bring them to life.

“We partner with you to design exceptional concepts that set your brand apart in the market. Together, we craft a compelling narrative and guest experience that become the defining essence of your brand.”

KEY Advantages OF MAC&LO


Mac & Lo Hospitality is a recognized leader in the hospitality industry, known for its proven track record of successful development and collaboration on projects across global destinations, including New York, Michigan, Shelter Island, China, Chicago, Italy, and France.

Our work has earned recognition from notable institutions such as Forbes, Condé Nast, AAA, Fodor’s, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and Travel + Leisure, among others. These accolades have reaffirmed our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation.

In House Sales and Revenue Management.

Through our in-house sales and revenue management team we effectively tailor strategies to enhance property performance.

Consistently out-performing competitors, we achieve remarkable market penetrations with occupancy rates up to 173%, ADR reaching 186%, and RevPAR soaring to 310%. 

Over the past five years, our properties have maintained average market penetrations of 147% in occupancy/ 162% in ADR/ 234% in RevPAR. Surpassing budgeted revenues, gross, and net operating profits for five consecutive years.

One Stop Shop for your hospitality project

By providing a one-stop shop for hospitality projects, Mac&Lo Hospitality ensures that clients receive comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality service from concept to completion.

We offer comprehensive services from concept development to post-opening support. Our offerings include market analysis, design, branding, marketing, revenue management, operations setup, staff training, financial management, guest services, and ongoing operational management and support. 

This approach enhances efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation by providing a single point of contact, reducing delays, and maintaining high standards, ultimately delivering successful and sustainable hospitality ventures.


At Mac&Lo Hospitality, we offer the advantage of creating a concept, brand, design, and operation that are perfectly aligned to ensure a cohesive, unique, and creative experience. By integrating every element from the ground up, we ensure that each aspect complements the others, resulting in a seamless and compelling hospitality offering. 

Our holistic approach guarantees that our projects stand out in the market, providing guests with a memorable and consistent experience that reflects the brand’s identity, creativity, and values. This integration not only enhances the guest experience but also streamlines operations, making the overall management more efficient and effective.

Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships

Mac&Lo has a body of work that spans 40 years of combined company and member experience with some of the top boutique hotel groups in the world.


BD Hotels | Andre Balazs Hotels | Sean Macpherson Hotels | Ian Shrager Alex Calderwood | Morgans Hotels | ACE Hotels | Sydell | GFI | Veracity Development | Alpha Development |  Boston Ventures |  Amsterdam Hospitality | Henry Zilberman, The One Group |  Jean Georges | Terence Conran | Dennis Foy | Rainbow Land Marina Holdings (Tianjin, China) | Sydell | Brand Essence | Buildtech, Roxbury Group | Karp and Associates | Bedrock Detroit | Shinola Detroit  | JVS 


Mercer Hotel | Pod Hotels | Bowery Hotel | Marlton Hotel |  Ace Hotels | Soho Grand, Tribeca Grand | W Weehawken | Nolitan Hotel | Ette | 111 Mercer | Z Hotel | Rainbowland Boutique And Club (Tianjin, China)  | Rainbowland Villas And Restaurants (Tianjin, China) | The Chequit | 432 Broome Development |  Naomi Hotel | Shinola Hotel | Cadillac House | Marriott 


Stk (Meatpacking), NYC, LA , Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami | One Restaurant Atlantic City | Tenjune | Bagatelle NYC | Assellinas | Gansevoort Rooftop | Stk Rooftop, Kingswood | Baddies/ Wine Room | Delicatessen | Osteria Stella | Macbar | Minibar | Guastavino Club | Guastavino Bistro | E.Q Restaurant | Tribeca Grand Restaurant | Hammer & Nail | The Saint



Meyer Davis Design | Bradley-Stephens Design | Marquee Design | Three Sixty | 6 Design | Arapc Architects | Grzywinski+Pons | Red Flower | Kraemer Design Group | Parker International | Jacques Van Staden (JVS) | Triptyc | As One



Audrey Laurent boasts over 30 years of hospitality experience, specializing in luxury hotel operations, strategic Sales and Marketing, and Revenue Management. Moreover, she excels in crafting distinctive design concepts, seamlessly aligning property aesthetics with evolving market trends.

Audrey’s career began under the guidance of Ian Schrager, a pioneer of boutique hotels, at the Paramount Hotel. She subsequently spent ten years at Andre Balazs’ Mercer Hotel, advancing to the roles of Operations Manager and VIP Relations Director. 

Audrey spent the next 15 years with BD Hotels, where she held key positions such as General Manager, Sales Director, and Operations Manager across various boutique hotels.

As a founding member and principal at Coy LLC and Mac & Lo Hospitality, Audrey has played a crucial role in shaping Revenue Management Strategies, Property Operations, Standard Operating Procedures, Concept Design, and Training Programs for prestigious properties including The Ace Hotel (NYC), Z Hotel (Long Island, NY), Nolitan Hotel (NYC), Ette (NYC), and Rainbow land Marina (Tianjin, China). 

Audrey’s strategic and innovative approach paired with her extensive operational background has shaped the foundation of Mac & Lo’s approach to hospitality.


Principal Owner


Principal Owner


Over the past 30 years, Sergio has collaborated with leading figures in Hospitality, such as the Terence Conran Group, Jean Georges, Danielle’s, and Dennis Foy. He held key roles as Operations Director at prestigious venues like the Soho and Tribeca Grand Hotels, Delicatessen Group, and Ruby’s LLC. Additionally, he served as Corporate Director of Operations for The One Group, overseeing operations across major cities generating $150 million in annual revenue. As a founding member and principal at Coy LLC and Mac & Lo Hospitality, Sergio excels in business and operational systems, training, asset management, financial analysis, strategic planning, compliance, contract negotiation, and systems integration. He’s been instrumental in developing and implementing innovative hospitality concepts and providing specialized consultations for elite clients. Sergio holds a Bachelor of the Arts  from New York’s New School and a certification in Hotel Development from NYU University, 

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