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Mac & Lo Hospitality provides a full range of services encompassing all phases of project development. Our operational background provides a clear vision, giving us a distinct advantage in concept development. We expertly blend creativity with a practical, ground-up approach to operations.

Our three-tiered service approach – Technical- and M.O.D.—provides a smooth transition through the five stages of development, leading to effective and successful operational management.


Mac & Lo Studio specializes in working with new and established brands to create standout hospitality concepts that make a mark in the industry, shaping the brand identity, narrative, design direction, defining and distinguishing your property in its market. 

Our partnership approach ensures that together, we craft compelling, unique concepts that elevate your brand’s presence.

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Brand & Concept Development

Mac & Lo Studio specializes in working with new and established brands to create standout hospitality concepts that make a mark in the industry, shaping the brand identity, narrative, and design direction to define and distinguish your property in its market.

Design intent

We formulate a clear and detailed design direction, outlining the essential aesthetic, functional, and experiential elements that drive the design and construction process.

Guest Experience and Programming

We enhance every interaction, service, and sensation to deliver a memorable and impactful stay.


Starting with in-depth market and feasibility studies to maximize your project’s potential, we customize each operational aspect to meet both brand and financial objectives.

By managing trades and systems throughout development, we ensure efficient and cost-effective adherence to brand standards.  Mac & Lo develops property-specific Standard Operating Procedures and craft training manuals and schedules to maintain our high service standards.


Our approach involves strategic planning and organization of essential components, including staffing, workflows, guest services, and logistical processes, enhancing both effectiveness and guest satisfaction.


We build a strong infrastructure that incorporates advanced technology, premium amenities, and thoughtful touchpoints.


Building on earlier steps, we develop and implement tailored standard operating procedures, protocols, and guidelines to consolidate and streamline operations. Our comprehensive systems-design ensures every operation is efficient and meets the highest quality standards.


Carefully crafted sequences of tasks, workflows, and activities that govern various departments and functions, aiming to optimize efficiency, guest satisfaction, and overall performance.


Our Manager on Duty department oversees operations from development to ongoing management, prioritizing training, efficiency, financial analysis, and Human Resources.

We develop and oversee PR strategies, guest response systems, and all operational aspects, adhering closely to brand guidelines set by our studio and technical systems devised by our team.


Reach us at info@macandlo.com for more details on M.O.D

Strategic Partnerships


Success in hospitality thrives on collaborative synergy. We identify ideal partnerships for each unique concept and set up your property to deliver success and an unparalleled experience.

Executive management

As leaders, we guide high-level decision-making to ensure streamlined operations. Our top-tier training and expertise are focused on overseeing the executive management team, with the General Manager and department heads serving as extensions of Mac & Lo within the property. This guarantees that every aspect of operations meets our standards of excellence.

Food & Beverage

Our critical understanding of Food and Beverage operations allows us to achieve a harmonious balance between Hotel and F&B.

We create, coordinate, and manage F&B operations as well as partner with outstanding restauranteurs anchoring a seamless experience throughout the property. 

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